Nurobodi ‘Calm & Clear’ Alpha + Beta Brainwave Synchronisation Series

Nurobodi have carefully designed a combination of nurturing Alpha and Beta wave stimulation helps to synchronise your mind and body to a calm and clear, more meditative state of being.

Calm & Clear 001

Nurobodi ‘Calm & Clear 001’ focuses on primarily stimulating Alpha waves in the brain with a dash of Beta waves for some extra clarity and focus.

• Alpha waves are associated with the awake but relaxed state: think being at rest, with your eyes closed, but not tired or asleep.

• Beta waves are even higher in frequency range and are associated with active thinking and concentration.

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Mindfulness training and meditation tend to produce healthy uninterrupted alpha and beta waves but not everybody is a great meditator. Download the 15 minute ‘Calm & Clear 001’ as your focus and relaxation meditation assistant and start cultivating Alpha and Beta waves in your brain, without any effort.


Need to know more about Nurobodi brainwave synchronisation?

Brainwave synchronisation - or brainwave entrainment refers to the capacity of the human brain to naturally synchronise its brainwave frequencies with specifically designed periodic external stimulus, such as the sound and light spectrums that Nurobodi produces. How does it work?

The brain is an electrochemical organ. Though its electrical power is very limited, its electrical activity can be recorded using sensitive electrodes such as those used during an electroencephalogram (EEG). Hans Berger was the first man to measure such activity, about 80 years ago. Berger's goal was to show that the electromagnetic fields of the human brain could be used for telepathy at that time, but he didn't succeed. However, during his research, Berger found prominent waves around 10 cycles per second. He named them alpha, as these were the first that were detected. Later, he found another family of waves of a higher frequency, which he called beta. Berger discovered that alpha waves diminished during sleep, while beta waves were related to mental concentration. After they were confirmed by many other scientists, these waves became the basis for detecting the different states associated with our brain. With the progress of scientific research and technology, additional brainwaves have been isolated since then. These were categorized according to their frequencies and where they occur in the brain. Here we will only talk about the frequencies since this is of most interest for brainwave entrainment.

Nurobodi EEG biofeedback results

Below you can see two examples of EEG biofeedback levels in response to Nurobodi’s ‘Calm and Clear 001’


Client Brainwaves Pre Nurobodi Session


Client Brainwaves Post Nurobodi Session