Human Intelligence 2.0

Values & Resources

From paintings on cave walls to painting with VR tiltbrush tools, it is clear that we are dwelling more in shelters of light & sound. This has been an empowering process for the cognitive extension of our abilities to visualise & project our fears, hopes and dreams through audiovisual spectrums. However, there are emerging issues that affect our emotional, physical and psychological landscapes.

As well as designing Nurobodi Spectrum Profiles for the wellness of our clients Nurobodi also offer intelligent & empathetic sound & light design services to suit your home & business environments. Nurobodi's innovative design principles create optimum mind-body experiences that can be tailored to most smart home or business environments. 

Relational aesthetics & the meta design of sound & light

It is a fundamental concern of every human being to consider the nature of humanity's ongoing relational engagement with emerging technologies. It has become a deeply embedded systemic relationship. The line between being 'a human that uses tech' & being 'a tech enhanced human' has blurred. We are post-human. If not fully with our bodies, we are more so with our minds than ever beforeparticularly through the use of our senses of sight & sound. 

The relational nature of our technological design thinking is in turn redesigning us, but are we really actively participating for the benefit of all? Are we using the technology at hand to best serve the evolution of our consciousness? Nurobodi design is committed to shaping the meta properties of integrated light-sound design to bring about positive change through raising awareness.