Recalibrating neural signal to noise ratios

Why is Nurobodi focussed on recalibrating both people and their environments?

Nurobodi is focused on contributing to the future of holistic medicine. Our expanding wellbeing design research and practice philosophies combine qualitative and quantitative understanding of how 'harmonic presence' informs various systemic relationships between body and space, identity and environment.

How sensitive to sound are you? What about light and colour? Nurobodi design focuses on the increasing human tendency to consume large amounts of audio-visual media and the Internet of Things that constitute a hyper-modern environment. The increasingly immersive audiovisual mediums and the psychophysiological environments in which we consume them contain dense audio and visual/colour spectrum information that can generate an excess of neural noise in the brain.

This factor in turn can contribute to systemic autonomic and limbic forms of stress including tinnitus, visual stress or at a more serious level, Irlen Syndrome.

Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual dysfunction rather than a vision problem. It can occur with someone who is wearing glasses or even with someone who has perfect vision. Often it is not picked up by vision specialists or with standardized educational medical, or psychological evaluations. Nurobodi is working hard in research and development to create more sophisticated, tools, services, and products to address this increasing area of concern due to the changing lifestyles and habits of a hyper-modern society.


Signal to noise ratio affects our ability to focus, relax, sleep or even be in touch with our feelings & emotions. Nurobodi's unique services are contributing to the hyper-modern humans need to reduce an ever-mounting audiovisual to a purer audiovisual meta state of being via integrated colour and pitch brainwave synchronisation. Nurobodi sessions help to facilitate the brain to stabilize and synchronize honing in on client specific colour and sound frequencies that can develop calmer, steadier focus and mindful states of peaceful awareness and full bodied presence.