Emotional AV design

As well as designing NSP's for the wellness of our clients Nurobodi also offer intelligent & empathetic audiovisual design services to help you or your business move in a direction that is not only beneficial to your hip pocket but also benefits the health & wellbeing of you & your customers or clients. How can audio & visual design benefit your health & wellbeing? It's all in the meta design of how sound & light are integrated. Nurobodi know how. 

Bright futures of wellbeing

Understanding & manipulating relationships by design between colour & sound frequency is Nurobodi's forte. Whether for bespoke one-on-one wellbeing and treatments, live events or workshops, AV production or post production, Nurobodi AV integration facilitates deep & meaningful experiences that are second to none. 

Nurobodi EEG emotional data for AI.jpg

AV Design Services

  • Custom Integrated Sound-Light Designs & Visualisations
  • Hertz/RGB/HEX/HSL/HSV Data & Spectrum Visualisations
  • Event Light/Colour/Sound Design & Production
  • AV mood-mapping 
  • Ambient Environmental or Event Design
  • Live video mapping & audio triggered effects
  • AV post production
  • Client/User research - EEG Insights & Raw Data