Community Development

Human Intelligence 2.0

Nurobodi Design was an official scholarship recipient of the Ci2017 Human Intelligence 2.0 awards at the Ci2017 Conference in Melbourne 2017. The focus of the scholarship is to support businesses that fuse next level design principles with community development & social engineering & innovation.

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Nurobodi works collaboratively with communities to proactively educate & redefine the way light & sound integrate within environments of work, play & home life. Our site specific designs create healthier cognitive & emotional atmospheres. Nurobodi also offers sound & lighting production design & operation for events, visual marketing & brand development as well as UX/UI project consultancy


A question of Values & Resources

Nurobodi understands that strategic creativity is increasingly valuable to nations, communities and individuals making the transition to innovation and knowledge-based economies. Creativity and innovation are vital for businesses exposed to globalisation, increased competition, consumer diversity and rapidly changing technology. Tomorrow’s competitive success will be based on the understanding and implementation of creative ideas with neuromarketing research and practice and the ability to keep up with an increasingly socially complex world. 

We find this video by the BIOPS Academy in the united kingdom an alarming 'heads-up' around certain issues that will affect future humans. We also acknowledge the positive and negative implications the video speaks of and are screening it here to stimulate the dialogue around the kind of future you want to bring about. The future is up to you!


Positively Enhancing & Augmenting Place & Space

From paintings on cave walls to painting with VR tiltbrush tools, it is clear that we are dwelling more in shelters of light & sound. This has been an empowering process for the cognitive extension of our abilities to visualise & project our fears, hopes and dreams through audiovisual spectrums. However, there are emerging issues that affect our emotional, physical and psychological landscapes. 

Nurobodi is addressing the growing need to:

  • Understand the meta forms/spectrums of light and sound to redefine their presence as a single medium for communicating or establishing desired psychophysiological states or clearly defined mood spaces
  • Developing quantitative and qualitative data links between subtle differences in pitch, colour and emotions
  • Raising awareness of Posthuman/Transhuman ethics and how they affect all of our lives, specifically the lives of children entering the world

Designing for a harmonious future between humans and machines

Nurobodi's innovative harmonic design principles create optimised mind-body experiences for humans that can be tailored to most standard media or communication devices, smart homes, digital, physical or business environments. Insights from understanding human emotional responses to Nurobodi Spectrum Profiles pave a way forward to create meaningful data for AI to learn about emotions as harmonic audiovisual spectrums and most importantly that humans are often motivated by what 'feels good' rather than conceptual meaning. 

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