Nurobodi Benefits


Nurobodi's unique sound and light harmonic techniques & insights can help facilitate deeper states of relaxation, focus and overall mind-body wellbeing through gentle but deep entraining and synchronisation of limbic & autonomic nervous systems.

Short Term Benefits

  • Heightened sensory awareness - particularly sight/sound/smell
  • Assisted meditation - deep brainwave synchronisation & harmonisation
  • Combined Relaxation & Focus increased - calmed focused mind, body and overall stress reduction
  • Stimulates and develop balance mechanisms
  • Increased perception of pitch & colour relationships
  • Optional EEG insights to examine before and after session brainwave activity aid mindful awareness

Medium to Long Term Benefits

  • Assisted deep brainwave synchronisation & harmonisation to develop meditation skills
  • Integration of attention & calm & focus for higher functioning mind-body presence
  • Boosted sense of wellness & confidence
  • Higher functioning empathy - emotional intelligence, sensitivity & communication skills
  • Increased perception of pitch & colour relationships 
  • Higher level of integrated spectrum wavelengths perception - Sound/Light/Qi
  • Tinnitus management - learning to manage & befriend tinnitus for tinnitus sufferers
  • EEG insights to examine before and after session brainwave activity

Progressive Health Design

As a progressive holistic health & wellbeing practice Nurobodi is formally recognised as an executive member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies for Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy & Qi Gong. 

Your personal customised Nurobodi Spectrum Profiles consist of microtonal binaural sound fields, optional light-sound designs in conjunction with EEG insights & Qi Gong exercises. Over time NSP designs can facilitate a deep shift towards redefining your full spectrum presence with a range of benefits.