Your First Session

Your first analysis and treatment session focuses on the mapping & analysis of how your body experiences differences in pitch. You will asked to use your voice to help identify certain resonant pitches in your body & to provide feedback on how your perception of certain tones or frequency combinations change over the course of a session.

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During your first session your first Nurobodi Spectrum Profile, your NSP01, will be produced. You can then return for Nurobodi sessions based on your NSP 01, or create new ones, or a combination.


Ongoing Light-Sound Sessions

Initially Nurobodi sessions focus on your response to customised microtonal harmonic series. Once you have completed three Nurobodi sound sessions, as you become more accustomed to the Nurobodi experience, light/colour frequencies based on your particular Nurobodi sound data can be layered to produce much deeper limbic system affectations. 

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These sense-merged Sound-Colour Nurobodi sessions, without added conceptual or symbolic images has a subtle but profound spectrum of benefits and effects on the limbic system. 


Diving Deeper with Nurobodi VR

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After you have completed a minimum of three Nurobodi combined Sound-Colour sessions you can apply to have your NSPs developed as an Augmented Spectrum Profile (ASPs). ASPs are a more highly focused & direct way of receiving Nurobodi treatments. Ambient Nurobodi clinic treatments consist of sound-light fields that surround your body. ASP treatments utilise a Head Mounted Display (HMD) & to work very deeply with your developing Nurobodi Spectrum Profiling.