Who are we?

Nurobodi is a 'sound & light harmonics' wellbeing practice. 

What are we about?

Our focus is on the design, production & application of client specific pitch-colour harmonic fields.  Our mission is to facilitate optimum cognitive, emotional & physical states for our clients whilst simultaneously developing advanced microtonal spectrum perception awareness & abilities. 

Our integrated service and product design includes:

  • Personalised Microtonal Pitch/Sound Production Design for wellbeing & therapy
  • Personalised Microtonal Colour/Light Production Design for wellbeing & therapy
  • Combined pitch-colour audiovisual harmonic spectrums for wellbeing & therapy
  • Helping manage infant sleeping disorders
  • Qi Gong - Education, training & support
  • Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) - Tuition & workshops  
  • Assisted meditation service & product design
  • Light/Colour, Pitch/Sound production design