The Nurobodi Experience

Experiencing Nurobodi customised light and sound spectrums not only provides a physically relaxing experience for the body it also encourages a form of brainwave entrainment called brainwave synchronisation that facilitates a recalibration of the mind & body - a calming of the nervous systems & a sharpening of the senses. Over time this process of entrainment develops a heightened connection between the limbic system (emotional & memory processing) & the autonomic nervous system. Why is this important? Read on..


Health by Design

Nurobodi was one of nine Australian organisations to be awarded the Asia Pacific Ci2017 'Human Intelligence 2.0 - Thriving in the Age of Acceleration' scholarship for the Asia Pacific Ci2017 conference. Our innovative focus is on the application of light/sound integration to identify heterogeneous (client specific) & homogenous (general) audiovisual spectrum bias or spectrum effects, especially with regards to human emotions & their role within both regulatory & heightened states of awareness. 


Emotional Wellbeing

The Limbic System

An over exposure to rapid consumption of visual devices, images that affect our thoughts & emotions or binging on video affects our entire nervous system. You know when you've strained your ankle, but do you know when you've strained your limbic system? Media production, in particular advertising companies, use images and colour associations to neurologically entrain the brain to form addictive processing networks that can cause emotional & psychological imbalances in ways you may not be aware of. Nurobodi designs work to stabilise, support, nurture and strengthen the limbic system


Combining Science and Healing

As a progressive holistic health & wellbeing practice Nurobodi is formally recognised as an executive member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies for Audiovisual Therapy & Qi Gong. Nurobodi optionally integrates the use of non-invasive brainwave recordings to track and monitor client wellbeing & provide useful insights.


Facilitating Positive Change

Customised Nurobodi Spectrum Profiles work for individuals, couples, groups, places and spaces, events, workshops or any private or public social gatherings. We create integrated bespoke pitch & colour experiences that are mapped to physical or digital environments as ambient sound and light. We can help you facilitate a deep shift towards redefining the way your experience your presence and the presence of your surroundings.