Pitch Perfect Pixels

Why just colours and not images?

An overexposure to rapid consumption of digital image and video affects our entire nervous system. Media production, in particular, advertising companies use colour association combined with brand images to neurologically train the brain to form addictive processing networks that can cause emotional & psychological imbalances in ways we may not be aware of. These days its important to educate yourself on the finer points of how you're being manipulated on a daily basis. Perhaps start here with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Image credit -  Simply Psychology

Image credit - Simply Psychology

Deprogramming through pitch-colour without symbolic imagery:

Experiencing visual stimulus in the form of immersive colour without complex symbolic imagery encourages the brain to spatially recalibrate itself. In time this process develops a general heightened sense of awareness by optimizing the connection between the limbic system & autonomic nervous system. As abilities in this area develop slowly geometric shapes designed to affect neurological perception may be introduced. If you're keen to dive deeper into how this works then perhaps check out the Nurobodi blog article on the Limbic System.

Why just sound and not music?

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When you eat something you think is delicious you may not be aware that certain ingredients are actually damaging you. It is the same with the vast amounts of audio content we consume en masse every day, particularly highly compressed digital sound or music. 

Compression works by averaging the quieter and louder parts of music so that we can turn that average level up, so everything appears to sound close to us, even at low volumes. Over time, our brains may become used to music and sound that lacks depth and dynamics. Constantly shifting structures of compressed audio focuses our awareness on rapidly changing details but we often fail to recognize how these changes and conditions are affecting our overall mind-body health and wellbeing, especially our emotions. Customised Nurobodi Spectrum Profiles develop help to develop clients conscious awareness of limbic and autonomic nervous system integration through experiential learning within specific areas of the audiovisual spectrum. Over time this can help to reduce neural noise and spectrum bias that lead to the perpetuation of negative unconscious behavioural patterns that in turn can lead to more serious forms of clinical neurosis. Read more about neural noise here. 

Developing Integrated Colour-Sound Spectrum Awarene­ss

Ongoing use of Nurobodi spectrum services and products develops deeper awareness of integrated limbic and autonomic nervous system function helping to assist the regulation and enhancement of emotional, psychological & physiological health of clients.