Nurobodi launches in Beta at the Ci2017 Summit

Nurobodi are proud to announce it's official beta launch coinciding with their scholarship funded appearance at the Asia Pacific Ci2017 conference at the Sofitel Melbourne from the 13th-15th of November. Nurobodi were one of 8 innovation scholarships winners seen below here.

ci2017 Scholarship Winners photos.jpg

Nurobodi is also proud to present an exhibition of case study interviews, examples of sound-light Nurobodi Spectrum Profiles and wearables for the 2017 #immerseart festival, an initiative by the Knox City Council.

Nurobodi Spectrum Profile Treatment Session

Nurobodi Spectrum Profile Treatment Session

"We need to build caring communities to support those whose jobs are disrupted. Details of #ciglobal at @Cinnovation #ciglobal #immerseart

Nurobodi couldn't agree more and are creating possibilities & solutions that speak to the changing nature of our workforces, our home lives and even how our sense based perception is evolving, rapidly. Using a unique integration of service and product design Nurobodi's capacity to analyse and apply qualitative and quantitative relationships between pitch, colour and emotions is a breakthrough for the way social, living or work environments can be utilised to enhance wellbeing through carefully constructed Nurbodi Spectrum Profiles. Initial studies including EEG recordings pre and post Nurobodi Spectrum sessions reveal a 15% increase in relaxation and engagement simultaneously.

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Human intelligence 2.0 - What machines don't understand. Learn more at Ci2017. Register: @Cinnovation #ciglobal

Most people understand emotions, or even love, as mysterious and enigmatic. They truly are & potentially always will be. However, Nurobodi is trailblazing into the research & practice of interpolating the spectrums of colour & pitch & their combined relationships to emotional & psychophysiological states. Nurobodi are even going as far as approaching the concept of love as a form of photonic quantum entanglement.The implication's of this is that the languages of pitch and colour spectrums can start to map the emotions people experience as colourful data sets of hertz values combined in different with various digital colourspace values. These data sets one day will be a valuable resource for AI's development in the areas of emotion and empathy. A form of new-robo-dhi, or as we call it Nu-robo-di - the bridging of analogue empathy with artificially enhanced intelligence. 

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The exponential arc of singularity is becoming steeper, although this is first felt in the realm of conceptual thought & there are some arguments of note that in fact the Singularity isn't near. In any case, visionaries and thought leaders are working hard to orient our collective actions towards trouble shooting a precarious path forward into a future full of light and shade. Nurobodi are proud to be contributing towards a colourful and bright future that embraces the integrating spectrums of humans and technology in a way that is meaningful, empathetic, sustainable, harmonious and in tune with our highest potential.