Nurobodi Mind Body Training


Nurobodi Mind Body training sessions incorporate Qi Gong body work and Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound) to strengthen and develop mind body awareness. Benefits include increased or awareness of relationships between the spectrums of sound, light and magnetic fields. 

Nurobodi Sound


Nurobodi sound design and production training focuses on the use of sound as an environmental meta property to benefit wellbeing. 

Nurobodi Light & Colour


Nurobodi light and colour design training focuses on the use of light and colour as environmental meta properties to benefit wellbeing. 

Nurobodi Parenting


Nurobodi prenatal and parenting sessions incorporate understanding and applying Nurobodi sound and light fields to develop healthy limbic and autonomic nervous system development of young minds and bodies.  

Nurobodi Transmedia Design



Developing strong multidisciplinary skills aid both career development and the creation of unique design principles for individual or organisational design practice.

Nurobodi interdisciplinary design workshops focus on conveying evolving narrative experiences across multiple platforms and formats and emphasis is placed on developing best practice Transmedia principles to maximise the social and environmental benefits of process and outcomes.