Sound of Light?


Moving to a higher form of resolution

Eurocentric music & it's derivatives, moved to a standardised relationship between pitch intervals that divide the octave into 12 equal subdivisions. Nurobodi is innovating beyond this outdated pitch system using advanced integrations of microtonal light & sound that divides the octave into 360 divisions, instead of the standard 12 divisions and then applying these harmonic principles to creating specific environments of light and sound for specific purposes, personal or professional.


Nurobodi design principles allow us to work systematically with subtle differences of pitches and colour hues to form bespoke 'light-sound' spectrums. Nurobodi data research creates valuable insights between experiential & statistical studies understanding relationships between colour, pitch and emotions and how they mingle in places and spaces.


What we dont know wont hurt us?

“Every person has a different tonality & is made up of different sonar frequencies. That is why we prefer different things & are so radically different from & to each other. We must not impose, as let’s say a Wagnerian derived music, a limitation of mind through a sonar imprisonment of people. This politicizing of brain function through various kinds of sounds and forms is not only what happened in Germany, but also occurs whenever & wherever totalitarian states and dictators prevail.” *

*  Don Campbell, “Sound and the Miraculous: an interview with Jean Houston” in Music and Miracles compiled by Don Campbell, 9-17 (Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 1992)

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