5 weeks of 'Dancing Wuji Tree' Qi Gong & Nada Yoga Classes + Video support and notes - Begins Tues 11th of Sept

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5 weeks of 'Dancing Wuji Tree' Qi Gong & Nada Yoga Classes + Video support and notes - Begins Tues 11th of Sept

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What: Nurobodi Qi Gong workshops - Come & ground your spirit, spring clean your mind & body and radiate positive energy from the roots to the tips.

Why: When we experience everyday stressors, we often accumulate areas of dense and blocked energy, which if unchecked and released can persist for weeks, months or decades and lead to disease. Nurobodi Qi Gong teaches simple (yet powerful) movement practices & vocal sound healing techniques to help you release physical, emotional and mental blocks - eliminating daily (or accumulated) stress, rejuvenating your immune system, and improving your overall health. These techniques take time to master but a journey begins and continues, always one step at a time.

When: Tues Sept 11th/18th/25th, Oct 2nd, 9th, 16th- 7:30-9:00PM

Where: Autumn Retreat - 129 Miller St, Thornbury - Please arrive between 7:20 and 7:30pm


Workshop Embodied Philosophies:

Workshop Series Name: Nurobodi Qi Gong - Dancing Wuji Tree

When you think of your heart, you automatically think of the centre of your chest, and rightly so. But what if you were a tree? 

Firstly, it is important to understand that in a Qi Gong practice context, there are Three Dantiens.
In the Tao practice, we store energy in the Three Dantiens. The Three Dantiens correspond to the Three Minds, Upper, Middle and Lower. 

The Upper Dantien
The Upper Dantien is in the Upper Brain (the crystal room). When it is full of energy, the capacity of the brain increases. It is the Upper Mind and is associated with observation. We store our spiritual 'intelligence' here.

The Middle Dantien
The Heart Center between the two nipples, is the Middle Dantien. It is the Middle Mind and is associated with consciousness. The heart is associated with fire and is the site of original spirit (Shen). 

The Lower Dantien
The lower Dantien contains the Lower Mind and is associated with feeling and awareness. Within this universe or ocean, there is a fire, like a volcano under the ocean; In Qi Gong practice we call this ‘fire-under water’. It is the heart of the primordial alchemical awareness. The seed. 

The Lower Tan Tien also houses a treasure of far-reaching significance; it is the site of our Second Brain. The Gut. The tunnels surrounding the energetic heart of the mountain.

Becoming more aware of your Dantiens can be seen as being a way to train primordial consciousness and awareness, likewise educating the brain in the abdominal area as a presence of heightened embodied wisdom.

Workshop Practice Focus Overview:

Each of the 6 weeks will consist of the following essential areas of Nurobodi Qi Gong practice

1) Qi Gong - Lower Dantien
2) Nada Yoga (sound) - working from the Middle Dantien to connect Lower and Upper Dantiens
3) Nurobodi Sound Healing - Restorative/Dantien Integration & whole body listening

"To be a spacious, grounded and present individual you need to create a grounded space to focus on developing your embodied presence."

Your investment for the workshops is on two levels:

1) Self Loving Discipline Investment - By embarking on this journey you are committing to prioritise a regular time and space for you to cultivate your deeper sense of mindbody presence and awareness, and to develop certain practices that are designed to help you do this alongside others doing the same, supported by the guidance of an experienced sensei.

2) Financial Investment - $180 for 6 classes, studio hire, PLUS follow up videos, notes and group chat support.


Cy Gorman is a certified Embodiment Academy Qi Gong practitioner specialising in Wu Gong breathing techniques, Mastering Presence & Golden Body Qi Gong. He is an executive member of the International Institute of Complementary Medicine and was recently awarded the Asia Pacific Ci2017 'Human Intelligence 2.0' Scholarship for innovation in the future of holistic healing.

For more info on Nurobodi start here: www.nurobodi.com

Autumn Retreat, 129 Miller St, Thornbury
Phone: (03) 9416 9872